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Neurelo for Python Developers

An API-first approach to database programming, Neurelo integrates effortlessly with frameworks like FastAPI, Flask and others, ensuring a future-proof solution for PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL and leaving ORM constraints behind.

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Experience a new way to build and run applications with your databases

Auto-Generated APIs

Database agnostic REST and GraphQL endpoints from your schemas for CRUDs and advanced read/write data operations

  • Making the app's data instantly accessible from any client without having to write tedious boilerplate database code.
  • Automatically documented
  • APIs are automatically updated and versioned any time your schema is modified

Custom Queries with AI Assistant

Build with our integrated LLM-based AI engine and instantly deploy custom API endpoints for your complex queries.

  • Schema Aware AI with NLP.
  • Pre-trained on each DB’s query language - Never worry about the syntax and semantics for the different databases.
  • Query controls for API endpoints.

Schema as Code

Programmable data modeling experience with visual ERD, schema builder, version control, governance, and collaboration.

  • Your schema coded in JSON or YAML
  • Version control, collaboration and governance across dev, test, and production environments as your schema evolves.
  • Consistent programmable data modeling experience across relational and non-relational databases.
Use Cases
Build full stack and
backend apps
Build scalable
serverless apps
Build instant APIs
for real-time data usage