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Fantastic platform, almost completely eliminating the need for us to build a backend for a project we are building
Mike M, VP of Engineering
Being comfortable with SQL, I found ORMs too awkward and I feel the API approach fits in a nice sweet spot between the two. I have found Neurelo extremely fun to work on. I am building something using Haskell and Neurelo has helped ease out the complexity of having to correctly deal with databases. The custom query API is an amazing feature as well!
Rishi K, Data Engineer
By using Neurelo as cloud apis between our service and database, we were able to quickly generate, test, and manage complex data queries. Also, by developing our data apis through Neurelo, we were able to use the intuitive web ui to work on API development rather than in raw, cluttered code
Connie L, Software Engineer
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How Neurelo fits in your Architecture

Neurelo provides a powerful API-first approach, instantly transforming databases into REST or GraphQL APIs. This abstraction layer enables developers to program with databases through APIs, simplifying communication between the application and the database, and making it easier and faster to integrate databases into their applications.

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