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Eliminate many database tools and streamline your development workflow, regardless of whether you're developing in Python, Go, TypeScript, or any other language.

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What is Neurelo?

Modern applications require a different approach to programming with data. Imagine not just writing less and better code faster, but also seamlessly scaling, securing and optimizing your queries with complete visibility and control. Neurelo helps developers realize measurable productivity gains by removing all database programming related complexities

"Fantastic platform, almost completely eliminating the need for us to build a backend for a project we are building"

- Mike McCune

VP of Engineering

Adding my database as a data source instantly created an API, saving hours of work. Skipping API setup meant diving straight into coding. The real beauty here was the speed at which I could release my app and gather feedback

- Sean Reid

Lead Software Engineer



Experience a new way to build and run applications with your databases

Auto-Generated APIs

Database agnostic REST and GraphQL endpoints from your schemas for CRUDs and advanced read/write data operations

  • Making the app's data instantly accessible from any client without having to write tedious boilerplate database code.
  • Automatically documented
  • APIs are automatically updated and versioned any time your schema is modified

Custom Queries with AI Assistant

Build with our integrated LLM-based AI engine and instantly deploy custom API endpoints for your complex queries.

  • Schema Aware AI with NLP.
  • Pre-trained on each DB’s query language - Never worry about the syntax and semantics for the different databases.
  • Query controls for API endpoints.

Schema as Code

Programmable data modeling experience with visual ERD, schema builder, version control, governance, and collaboration.

  • Your schema coded in JSON or YAML
  • Version control, collaboration and governance across dev, test, and production environments as your schema evolves.
  • Consistent programmable data modeling experience across relational and non-relational databases.